“Mars Just Fell Into the Earth”

October 21, 11:52 a.m., 2017

Who says that!  What does it mean?  Sometimes, in the midst of intense emotions, it takes a while to connect the dots.  A story is never fully told.

Here is my take.  On October 1, 10:05 p.m., , 2017, on a Las Vegas, NV stage, the great astrological maxim, “As Above, So Below!”, manifested in terms of Mars symbolism.  That day the ancient maxim described synchronicities, embodiments on Earth, in America, in Las Vegas, NV, matching the planet symbolism in the sky.

In this October 1, 10:05 p.m., 2017 story, Mars received the top billing.  Hundreds of innocent people, attending a musical concert, were indescriminately shot at, killed and wounded, by a single shooter firing from a nearby hotel window.

The meaning of this unprecedented moment in U.S. history, the shock of this tragic story, adds to the body of understanding about the symbolic nature of Mars, in 242-years of American life, from July 4, 1776, up to October 1, 2017.  During this period of time, it has been a story of adrenlin, aggression, baring of arms, existential threat, militias, violence, and war, and weapons sales.

At 10:05 p.m., a disputed moment, when the bloodletting is thought to have begun, the horoscope Ascendant calculated to 21° Gemini 13′, placing it on the U.S. horoscope WIP Mars placement at 21° Gemini 22′.  The dispute over the exact moment, when the killing began is a matter of minutes, which could adjust the Ascendant one degree before or after 21° Gemini 22′.  Four minutes of time equals about 1° of movement by the Ascendant.

This ends up very significant, because a horoscope Ascendant symbolizes the action, appearance, the face of the entity, or event.  It was a the epitome of Mars, red, bloody, frightening, violent, and characterized by weapons.  The Aries Sun born shooter, ruled by Mars, had 23 firearms with him and 19 more at home.  The stage where 58 were killed and 500 injured was covered with blood.  Police, fire, and medical first-responders surged to the site.  Mars had concentrated to pinpoint a Nevada geographic location, one staged in the reach of the 35° North branch of the WIP.  However, in the tumult and chaos was a lesson.

Viewed through the lens of the U.S. WIP, the uttered response about mass-murderer Stephen Paddock, a man who had just committed the greatest domestic mass murder rampage in the American history, captured the tone of the moment.

The spontaneous utterence of the brother captured the pure amazement of the times, that Zeitgeist of what was, then widespread sentiment in the U.S.

“Mars Just Fell Into the Earth…We’re completely dumbfounded!”

Eric Paddock, brother of shooter Stephen Passock

The country, was feeling fear, already in a defensive mood, both domestically and internationally.  Tensions and a high-profile killing in Charlottesville, VA had roiled the nation’s discourse for weeks.  Heather Heyer, the woman killed and martyred in Charlottesville, a Neptune branch of the WIP, had her own horoscope Mars placement at 22° – 23° Gemini.  Because of her May 29, 1985, Charlottesville, VA birth moment, her life was tied to her country’s WIP expression – geographically and symbolically.    In this toxic climate, September 29 – 30, White Supremacists gathered in Crossville, TN, also in the 35° North branch of the WIP, for their annual meet.

Internationally, President Trump speaking from Fort Meyer, VA (77° West 05′), on August 21, 2017, out of the heart (76° West 56′) of the Neptune branch of the WIP,  announced that thousands more soldiers were about to be surged, into Afghanistan, onto other ‘hot’ parts of the 35° North branch of the WIP.   This synchronized with U.S. military engagements in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqae, Iraq. It seems America was everywhere acting-out, tapped into Mars’ ancient nature, instinctually displaying its anger, fear, violence, taste for killing, and war.


The mass murder in Nevada put the issues of gun control, the 2nd Amendment Rights, racial conflict, and a possible shooting war with North Korea on short fuses.  All these issues speak to the American way of acting on collective beliefs, of expressing anger verbally and physically, when resolving the nation’s problems.  The Las Vegas slaughter synchronized with transit aspects to the U.S. WIP by Mars, applying from 16° Virgo+ and Saturn from 22° Sagittarius+.

Why Nevada?  Nevada’s state horoscope is set for October 31, 8:16 a.m., 1864, Carson City, NV.  Like the U.S. the state has Uranus (29° Gemini 11′ retrograde) and Mars (18° Gemini 20′ retrograde) joined together in Gemini.  This plugs the State of Nevada into the America’s WIP issues with guns, rebellion, and violence.

On October 1, 2017, Mars did fall into the Earth for Americans.


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