Simultaneously Staging Many Different Realities

October 28, 1:14 p.m., 2017

Where?  In two Middle Tennessee communities, different races, religions, U.S.-born, immigrate and refugee, shared the same general locations, in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, separated only by personal space.  When?  Now.  It’s the Zeitgeist!

The events follow similar events staged in Crossville, TN, on September 30th, 2017 and in Charlottesville, VA., 0ver 450 miles to the northeast, from Murfreesboro/Shelbyville, on August 12th, 2017.

Both Tennessee communities are within the 35° North branch of the U.S. WIP.  Murfreesboro is at 35° North 50’46”, while Shelbyville’s latitude is closer to the heart of the WIP at 35° North 29’20”.  The astrology of the U.S. reveals the ‘not on the map’ explosiveness of the two geographic locations at this time.  On October 28th, 2017, the day of a White Lives Matter rally, significant transits to the three WIP planets were in force.  The transiting Sun, planet Saturn, along with asteroids Chiron and Pallas, created hard and semi-hard aspects to the WIP.

On display were many issues, ranging from geniune grievences about society and the U.S. system, the misplaced blaming, fears, friendly protest, hatred, love, opportunity, a full gamut of human expression and strong spirits.

In today’s America, a U.S. president uses mood-shaping tweets to direct public opinion.  The larger issue is the manner in which Americans are condition to act on their beliefs.  In this climate, social media becomes an indispensible eye-witness to what reasonable people can acknowledge as facts, making the events, the passions displayed in Murfreeboro and Shelbyville, accessible to the whole world.


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