Time To Attend the U.S. Mercury-Pluto Line Marked Geography

November 10, 11:31 p.m., 2017 – transiting Pluto at 17° Capricorn 19′

The world is rapidly entering the Zeitgeist of America’s Pluto Return reality.  This will occur exactly on February 22, 2022, when transiting Pluto reaches 27° Capricorn 34′, where is was on July 4, 1776, when the American Colonies declared themselves free in the facve of an invasion armada.  The qualities of those times will/are repeating now in 2017 America.  Americans have an existential crises to face and solve!

Today, the U.S. stands alone against an otherwise unanimous declaration, that the Climate Change threat is the top priority – the top threat to a habitable Earth, by all remaining nations of the Earth.

When the four Pluto lines and closely associated planet lines, are drawn across the Earth, the stages for epic battles are revealed, waiting to be proven.  Donald Trump, the 45th U.S. President, just visited one of those Pluto stages, as it was being stimulated by the transiting Moon.   The U.S., a Cancer Sun entity, is ruled by the Moon’s movements and the transiting Moon geographically tracked and synchronizied the President’s relocation to Beijing.

In this instance the transiting Moon joined with the U.S. Mercury (24° Cancer 12′ retrograde) on the Ascendant relocated to Beijing.  The Moon was at 24° Cancer 35′ on November 9th, at 11:21 a.m., CCT,  2017, as President Trump began addressing China and a listening world, from the Great Hall.  Did the President accurately and faithfully discharge his responsibility to voice the interests of the American people – represent all of them?  Astrologically, Pluto is about great power, trade, and secret deals.  Much of what he set forth is hotly disputed in the U.S., from the state of the economy, regulations, trade, to threats and rumors of war on the Korean Penisula.  There is no common stand on these issues.

Remarks by President Trump at Business Event with President Xi of China


He had gone to China, by way of the Yellow Sea, with Air Force One flying across the Pluto Descendant line just some 89 miles to the northeast from Beijing.  The world got an ear and eyeful of what the U.S. stance towards China would be.  The President, acting self-effacing, which is not his habit, said:

“But — but I don’t blame China.  (Applause.)  After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens?  I give China great credit.  (Applause.)”

Nevermind what Trump said, look at what manifested on the record – an embolden, resplendid, and triumphant China.  Nothing wrong with that, unless you’re the U.S. in the runup to your Pluto Return marking China’s leadership in Beijing.


It’s a place to watch now!  Four years before the February 22nd, 2022 Return of Pluto in the U.S. horoscope.  As this China trip promises,  we can already feel the hot winds of radical change.

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