Trump Does Davos

January 24, 11:04 a.m., 2018

A U.S. Mars  line runs 18 miles east of Davos, Switzerland.   This U.S. Mars (21° Gemini 22′) line runs north and south along 10° East 12′.   Davos is located at 9° East 50′.   The U.S. relocated ASCENDANT relocated to Davos is 10° Pisces 28′.   Today the U.S. President travels to this sensitive place, under particularly relevant transit activity, with the moment is synchronized by transiting Neptune at 12° Pisces 33′.   The transiting Neptune symbol puts international/universal interests on the table, humanitarian concerns, and mass fear.   This synchronization puts a major spotlight on this year’s Davos Economic Forum.

When he arrives in Davos, on Thursday, January 25th, transiting Mars will ingress into the Sagittarius sign.  Simultaneously, transiting Sun 5-6° of Aquarius, forming a stressful 135° aspect to the U.S. Mars and Neptune.   Transits of 23° of Cardinal signs also activated the three planet WIP.   Transiting Pluto and Mercury will be coming off a conjunction at 19° Capricorn 35′.   Trump has his Sun in Gemini (22° Gemini 56′) ruled by Mercury.   Mercury conjunct Pluto shows what qualities Trump brings to Davos, such as his message, his words being poisonous.

The transiting Moon transits into Gemini on Friday, January 26, around 6:45 – pm, near the end of Trump’s two-day visit to Davos.  The Moon will simultaneously oppose Mars, then fresh in Sagittarius at 00° Sagittarius 07′.

Point!   Trump is doing Davos under transit.   His name is everywhere in Davos.   It’s  epic!   Heads up! 

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