Born In War – The World’s Newest Nation?

September 23, 12:12 p.m., 2017

Within the reaches of the U.S. WIP, near the heart of a branch  wrapping the circumference of Earth along 35° North latitude, a new nation’s birth is being contested.

Irbil/Erbil, at 36° North 11’28”, Iraq will stage a referendum on Monday September 25, a move towards Kurdish nationhood that is disturbing its neighborhood: Iran, Iraq, Syria, and especially Turkey.

Irbil is geographically in an extremely sensitive neighborhood for the U.S. military.  This location militarily famous, from 331 BC, is the historic battlefield of Gaugamela (36° North 34″/43° 27″), where Alexander of Macedonia defeated Darius III.  Importantly, the U.S. has a major Mercury line running along 45° East longitude.  Mercury is in the foundation 4th House of the relocated U.S. horoscope.  It is a place where many of America’s cultural and religious roots were established – the land of Abraham of the Judeo/Christian   Mesopotamia is literally the origin place of the clock time America uses.

Symbolically, Gaugamela is a place historically realized as a hinge in history.  It was a stage were military events changed the world’s power structure .  Again, the U.S. is tied to this location through its horoscope and the military involvement it initiated.  Numerous modern American military missions have been waged in the neighborhood of Irbil, specifically around the nearby cities of Mosul, and Kirkuk, and Tikrit, throughout the 35° North Zone.

Turkey feels existentially threatened by the upcoming, September 25th, Kurdish referendum.  Turkey’s horoscope and map tell a WIP-like tale that is ‘not on the map’.  Southeastern Turkey and Northern Iraq is Turkey’s Pluto ASCENDANT Zone.  Turkey is determined to make a show of power in the lands under its Pluto line.

Turkey has Pluto at 12° Cancer 20′ retrograde, joined at the hip to the American 13° Cancer 18′ Sun.  The Moon in Turkey’s horoscope is conjunct the 7° Cancer 47′ ASCENDANT from 29° Gemini 55′.  A crossing Moon/Uranus (13° Pisces 54′ retrograde) PARAN line runs just north of  Irbil, Iraq.  Today transiting Neptune is retrograde at 12 Pisces 21′.  The recent August 21st, Total Solar Eclipse, at 28° Leo 53′, was semisquare the Turkish Pluto and U.S. Sun placement.

World shaping events will continue to manifest for the U.S. in this Northern Iraq geography, where wars were won, No-Fly Zone enforced, Saddam Hussein captured, and Daesh is currently being destroyed by Iraqi/Turkish/American forces.  Just the effort to realize a Kurdish nation, centered on Erbil, brings new challenging changes for America in the Middle East.  Is it in U.S. geopolitical interests for a Kurdish nation to be delivered in the WIP?

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