Reality TV Show…Putting U.S. On Path To WWIII

October 9, 5:55 p.m., 2017

What are American voters to think, when a leading U.S. Senator, Bob Corker, a prominent Republican, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, gets into a public tweet fight with the President.  Senator Corker claims that the President’s tweets could put U.S. on ‘Path to WWIII’.

In another reality, astrology, the War Impulse Pattern WIP expression re: war issues was precisely synchronized by hard transits in the sky.  Significantly, at the time of the tweet, transiting Mars was at 21° Virgo 20′, just minutes from the exact 90° square to the WIP Mars at 21° Gemini 22′.  Additionally, transiting Saturn was at 22° Sagittarius 45′.

The overall story of the WIP is how in an ideal world, the U.S. leadership leads through communicating clear ideals, philosophies, judgements, and wisdom to the masses of citizen.  An informed citizenry is then prepared to act appropriately, sometimes inmass on the issues pressing the country.  With clear ideas, thoroughly debated, choices can be laid out through the modelling of leaders.  When there is no clear direction, the people riot and powerful government agencys are ill used – in this case the U.S. military.

That said, consider how intimately connected the target of Senator Corker’s war tweet is.  The 45th U.S. President has his Sun at 22° Gemini 56′, opposing his Moon at 21° Sagittarius 12′.   The 45th President is joined at the hip to the WIP and the transits of that October day.  This transit is not finished.

Does the vast majority of Congress really know what they’re dealing with?

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