Pope’s Anti-War Address In WIP

November 2, 1:23 p.m., 2017

Pope Francis visted a U.S. military cemetery in Nettuno, Italy and delivered an emotional anti-war address.  Nettuno is in the teeth of the active U.S. WIP.  The event was synchronized by transiting Saturn at 24° Sagittarius 47′ squaring transiting Chiron at 24° Pisces 48′.  The relocation to Nettuno gives the U.S. 23° Sagittarius 35′ on the MIDHEAVEN.  At the cemetery he said:

“…today that the world once more is at war and is preparing to go even more forcefully into war.”


The U.S. Ambassador to Italy Lewis Eisenberg and the acting U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, Louis Bono were in attendence.

What can be factually reported about Dartmouth-educated Eisenberg is that he was born in 1942, the year when all three WIP planets made Returns, or were quite close, to their original U.S. horoscope positions from 1776.  This was the first and only time this happened in U.S. history.  It is reasonable to conclude that Ambassador Eisenberg has some combination and degree of exactitude of Mars, Uranus, and Neptune, in his horoscope to the U.S. horoscope WIP.

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