Trump’s Bushu-suru Moment

November 3, 9:51 p.m., 2017

Beginning November 3, 2017, as a Full Moon clocks in at 11° Taurus 59′, President Trump took to the skys, flying to East Asian capitals.  The moment Air Force One flew out of Virginia, it was synchronized by many transits hard to the U.S. horoscope, particularly to those planets that are permanently angular marking Japan, South Koera, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam, with distinction.

The last presidential trip of eleven days was made by George H.W. Bush in January 1992.  Only two U.S. Presidents were born with their horoscope Sun’s flush to the U.S. Mars (21° Gemini 22′) component of the WIP, Bush (21° Gemini 19′) and Trump (22° Gemini 56′).  While in Japan, under the transits of January 8, 1992, at 8:20 p.m., in the 35° North branch of the WIP, President Bush fell ill and vomited in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister Miyazawa.  Captured by ABC video, the incident was internationally ridiculed, the vomiting incident (a sign of weakness) was dubbed Bushu-suru, or “to do the Bush thing”.  Trump, travelling into the 35° North branch of the WIP, under transits, may face a public meltdown, his own Bushu-suru moment.

Donald Trump embarks on marathon tour of Asia

Of greatest immediate concern is the Full Moon lunation timing the travel.  The next lunation, a New Moon at 26° Scorpio 19′ will square the U.S. Moon placement at 26° Aquarius 56.  The moon rules the U.S. horoscope Sun and is important to track.  The Moon reflects the Peoples’ sentiment.

Secondly, during the 12-day trip, the transiting Mars aligns to the U.S. Saturn square Sun pattern, important in China, the Koreas, and Philippines.  The U.S. relocation to Manila has 16° Cancer 11’on the Ascendant angle and 12° Aries 22′ at the Midheaven..  The U.S. relocated horoscope to Bejing has the Nadir at 7° Libra 23′, a position where transiting Mars crossed on November 3rd, 2017, the day the president departed.  The main topic on the table will be the possibility of U.S. military action against North Korea.

These are immediate concerns.  Long term, the U.S Pluto Return to 27° Capricorn 34′ occurs in February 2022.  Beijing is within 90 miles (very close) southwest of one of four Pluto lines wrapping the Earth – marking geographically vunerable places for the U.S.  Currently, transiting Uranus at 25° Aries 55′ retrograde.  Uranus corresponds to unforeseen, breakthroughs and breakdowns.  Iran is under another Pluto line, so expect synchronized military events.  In Japan, the U.S. President will be confronted with the issue of U.S. troops in Okinawa, which is just tens of miles southwest of the Pluto line that runs through Northeast China.

All of these tensions in the Far East need resolution now, when reason still holds power, while passions aren’t driving every reaction.

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