Nightingale Effect – Simultaneously Managing Two U.S. Pluto Lines

November 7, 4:11 p.m., 2017

The astrological Nightingale Effect can be realized, when transits to a position in the U.S. horosope, match, in meaning, event-wise, in multiple, geographically distant places.  These events are happening on planet lines, tracing paths across the vastness of the Earth, four for each horoscope planet.   These planet lines are separated by thousands of miles, but related events, for our purpose military concerns, happen nearly synchronicitically.  Just one rational thread connects these lines.  Through the lens of astrology one can see angular relationships to certain parts of Earth’s geography.  What happens in the Yellow Sea does not stay in the Yellow Sea region.  America, looking over its shoulder, will see that when major events break out in China and the Koreas, there will be simultaneous challenges in the Persian Gulf nations.

President Trump, in a season of nonstop war rumors, is walking a dipolmatic wire, between Japan, Korea and China, in the Far East.  As he focuses there, similar challenges are presenting in the Persian Gulf and Syria.  These places are over 4,000 miles apart.  The tensions in both parts of the globe are equally ominious for America in 2017, with war rumors barely disguised or restrained.  In fact, one could say there are outbreaks already manifest, with a game of wack-a-mole in play, making it difficult to know where to focus and which way to turn.

The countries of the Persian Gulf and the Yellow Sea are situated around two of four American Pluto lines that wrap the Earth.  In February 2022, the U.S. will experience its first Pluto Return, to 27° Capricorn 34′, in its 1776 horoscope.  This Return, almost complete after 242 years, promises to synchronize with epic upheavels for America, events that will bring economic, governmental, and military transformations.  The conditions will be similar to those experienced in 1776.  The most challenging times should be expected and prepared for.

How challenging?  In 1776, the American colonies were invaded!  In today’s world, North Korea has threaten ICBM attacks on the U.S. mainland and other assets, like Guam.   This is already happening with transiting Pluto only at 17° Capricorn, ten degrees away from its Return placement, but already felt.  Just today, November 7, 2017, Syria’s President Assad and othe organs of leadership called the U.S. in Syria, ‘illegal invaders’ and made threats.  The Saudi’s, in the midst of an unprecedented shift of power, loaded with hundreds of billions of dollars of advanced U.S. arms, are engaging in escalating threat exchanges with Iran, across the Persian Gulf, separated by one of the U.S. Pluto lines running along 50° East longitude, near Tehran.

The Saudi’s actions are being cheerlead by President Trump as he walks his tightrope through Asia.

“I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing….”

U.S. arms sales in both the Yellow Sea region and the Persian Gulf, confirm American concerns and fears are primed to blow.

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