Mars Line Speaks Volumes

December 23, 5:46 p.m., 2017

It’s a wondrous thing, for an astrologer to witness the patterned symbolism of a horoscope speak.   Today, one of America’s horoscope 21° Gemini 22′ Mars lines, one marking rare and specific geographical territory across the Earth, whose active seasons have synchronized many war experiences for the U.S., spoke.   Giving it a voice was an American military office, qualified to be surrogate representing the military power of the U.S. Commander-In-Chief.

That U.S. Mars line, running north/south along 10° East 12′, through Norway, is but 11 miles from Trondheim, at 10° East 23’36”, where U.S. Marine Commandant General  Robert Neller spoke to American marines stationed there.   He said,

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,”

Transits creating hard aspects to the U.S. WIP planets on this day, specifically to Mars, at 21° Gemini 22′, included:

  1. The Moon, which shares ruler-ship over the U.S. Cancer Sun horoscope, squared from early Pisces.
  2. Mercury, newly in Direct motion from 13° Sagittarius 03′.
  3. Venus opposed from 28° Sagittarius +.
  4. Neptune squared from 11° Pisces 45′.
  5. Uranus from 24° Aries 37′, formed a semi-square to WIP Uranus at 8° Gemini 55′.
  6. Chiron in square to the U.S. Mars (21° Gemini 22′) and opposition to the WIP Neptune at 22° Virgo 25′.

This Mars line was the same, one of just 4 Mars lines internationally, that marks Oslo (10° East 44′), Norway, stage of President Obama’s “Just War”, Nobel Peace Prize Speech, delivered December 10, 2009.   The WIP was also transit active on that historic date


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