Pin-pointed WIP Activity

December 24, 10:14 a.m., 2017

The long, intense U.S military effort against ISIS, ISAR, Islamic State has been confined to a small area of Earth’s geography, from an area the size of the state of Kentucky, to one half the size of Manhattan, NYC.

Bombs, many manufactured in defense contracting cities, under WIP lines, crossing the U.S. Heartland, are now focused on the Middle Eastern cities of Abu Kamal, Syria and Al Qaim, Iraq.

“American Reaper drones armed with intelligence collected from U-2 and other spy planes are hunting ISIS fighters, alongside Air Force and Navy fighter-bombers. A-10 attack planes, armed with laser-guided rockets and a 30-millimeter cannon, have provided effective air cover for advancing Syrian Kurdish and Arab militias.

Other American warplanes have dropped 500-pound and 250-pound bombs, often timed to detonate split seconds after impact to minimize civilian casualties, air planners said.”

These final efforts, waged against the remnants of Islamic State Caliphate  is telling punctuation to the four-year-long combat story of the U.S. in the WIP through the Middle East.   During 2017, numerous astrological transits, making hard aspects to the three WIP planets, synchronized the most intense days of American airstrikes on or around 35° North latitude.

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