Shoot Down 35° North!

February 3, 2:58 p.m., 2018

A Russian fighter jet was shot down in the embrace of the 35° North WIP Zone.   The Russian pilot was killed.

The transiting Moon , which incidentally rules the U.S., through its Cancer ♋ Sun, was in Virgo , approaching Neptune of the 3-planet WIP.   This detail, not contained in the news media’s reporting, made the Russian shoot-down relevant in my astrologically initiated eyes.   This means, once again, that under a predictable transit to the U.S. WIP planets, in an extremely narrow geographic band, another military event of great importance to the U.S. has manifested.   This shoot-down came after a full year of fantastic developments in U.S. military history, specifically focused along 35° North for thousands of miles.

A complete record of  U.S. military activity, dating and listing many specific battlefields, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen is documented in fair detail by the U.S. military at:

The latest report on the U.S. Central Command – Centcom webpage is an example:

“Shaykh Abu Anas al Furati, a Daesh senior military commander, and two Daesh members were killed by a Coalition airstrike Nov. 27, 2017 near Hajin [34° North 41’22”], Syria. Furati was responsible for coordinating Daesh attacks within Syria. His death further impairs Daesh command and control capabilities and reduces its ability to conduct terrorist activities in the region…

Haytham al Jazairi, Daesh immigration and logistics committee member, killed Jan. 6, 2018 near Kharaij, Syria.

Hassan al Jazzari, Daesh immigration and logistics committee leader, killed Jan. 6, 2018 near Abu Hammam, Syria.”

This shoot-down should remind the watching world of how close America and Russia are to accidentally crossing a line of confrontation, which could precipitously lead the country to military conflict and war.

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