US Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

December 29, 4:38 p.m., 2020

As the US awaits its first ever Pluto Return (27° Capricorn 34′), which geographically marks numerous places around the Earth angularly. One marks geography along 50° East, places in Iran, the Persian Gulf in general. Another meridian, close-by that 50° East Pluto MIDHEAVEN (MH/MC) line, to the west, marks the Saudi Arabian heartland. That meridian, marking 45° East, through Saudi Arabia is the US Mercury NADIR (IC) line.

In the US horoscope Pluto us the FOOT of a YOD pattern, with Mercury near the Activation Point, at 24° Cancer 12′ retrograde. Pluto symbolizes power. Mercury is the logic behind decision making. How power is expressed by US civilian and military leadership should be logically and patiently considered. In the waning days of the Tromp Presidency a fire sale arms deal of the most lethal convention weapons possible is occurring. From a report from December 29, 2020 we learn:

U.S. State Department approves potential sale of 3,000 smart bombs to Saudi Arabia

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department has approved the potential sale of 3,000 precision guided munitions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a deal valued at up to $290 billion, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

The sale comes in the final days of U.S. President Donald Trump’s term. President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s biggest buyer of American weapons, in a bid to pressure Riyadh to end a war in Yemen that has caused the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

U.S. State Department approves potential sale of 3,000 smart bombs to Saudi Arabia | Reuters

The US horoscope relocated to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is telling in this Pluto Return season. Today, transiting Pluto is at 24° Capricorn 07′ and the Moon is approaching a Full Moon at 8° Cancer 53′. By January 2022 there will be stelliums of planets in Capricorn. My research convinces me that nations that buy weapons of war intend to use them.

It should be noted that President Trump’s first international ‘State Trip’, as president, was to Riyadh, May 20 – 22, 2017, during the 128th US Mars Return. The sword the President held, as he ritually danced with Saudi’s elite, corresponded with Mars and was no small irony.

So was it prudent for the Trump Administration to put mounds of these lethal weapons into transit activated Pluto/Mercury Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) marked lands. This future window of time is a likely time when many of these 3,000 smart bombs will be put to use.

The US relocated ASC to Riyadh is 5° Taurus 41′. Add 45 degrees, a semisquare to this and you get 20° Gemini 41′, the US Mars placement is at 21° Gemini 22′. Transiting Uranus is currently at 6° Taurus 50′ retrograde, transiting Jupiter 2° Aquarius and Saturn 1° Aquarius

The WIP is active as this arms transaction is being rushed through by the State Department and the Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) division of Boeing, headquartered in Arlington, VA. The State Department Building (77° West 02’54”) and the under BDS (77° West 06’30”) are both in the heart of the WIP’s Neptune MIDHEAVEN branch running 76° West 56′.



US B-52H bombers fly to Middle East in mission to deter Iran

“According to officials, the bombers flew out of Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on Wednesday and conducted the flight into Thursday. Officially nicknamed the Stratofortress and informally known as the Big Ugly Fat Fellow, the B-52 gained lasting fame in Vietnam as an aerial terror.

The two bombers left the U.S. Wednesday evening, arrived in the Middle East early Thursday morning, and then began the return trip home. They flew a roughly 36-hour mission, traveling across the Atlantic Ocean and Europe, then over the Arabian Peninsula and down the Persian Gulf, making a wide loop near Qatar and staying a safe distance from Iran’s coastline, said the military official.”

US B-52H bombers fly to Middle East in mission to deter Iran (


US carrier to stay in Gulf due to Iranian ‘threats’: Pentagon

“The United States has reversed a decision to bring an aircraft carrier home from the Gulf, with the Pentagon saying that due to “recent threats” by Iran, the USS Nimitz would stay in position.”

““Due to the recent threats issued by Iranian leaders against President Trump and other US government officials, I have ordered the USS Nimitz to halt its routine redeployment,”

“The USS Nimitz will now remain on station in the US Central Command area of operations. No one should doubt the resolve of the United States of America.””

US carrier to stay in Gulf due to Iranian ‘threats’: Pentagon | Middle East News | Al Jazeera

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