January 5, 1:17 p.m., 2021

The cover design of my November 2, 2019 book, War Impulse Pattern – Not On the Map Primer has four carefully considered images in it. They were the Orion Constellation, a map, American flags and the Washington Monument. I carefully considered placing a discreet tendering of the Orion Constellation, above the W in war on my book cover.

Found in book XVIII of Homer’s Iliad, the mythological Orion is relevant to my book’s War Impulse Pattern theory due to the nebula’s zodiacal placement. Orion’s stars are spread from 12° to 28° of Gemini, covering the US Mars placement of the WIP at 21° Gemini 22′. Particularly proximal to the US Mars are the Orion stars Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak in the belt and to M42 in the sword.

Orion Constellation Stars – Astrology King

I also find it fascinating that in the earliest myths of Orion, his father is given as the Greek god Poseidon, ruler of saltwater bodies. Poseidon’s Roman equivalent is Neptune, ruler of freshwater bodies, one of three planet symbols making up the WIP, square the US Mars from 22° Virgo 25′.

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There are many versions of the Orion Myth. The one I resonate most closely with involves a powerful, but arrogant powerful Greek hunter, who brags that he can kill every animal on Earth and is punished for his hubris with death directed by the Earth goddess Gaia, who sends the Scorpion to kill him.

Today, as I did due diligence on a news story about Fort Belvoir (77° West 9’30”), VA, in newyorker.com:

Inside the U.S. Army’s Warehouse Full of Nazi Art

“Fort Belvoir is home to the 29th Infantry Division and also to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. It is also home to the U.S. Army Center of Military History, which maintains the Nazi art, along with thousands of other relics of wars past. 

Inside the U.S. Army’s Warehouse Full of Nazi Art | The New Yorker

This is the military logo I encountered:

Aerospace Data Facility-East logo.PNG

Aerospace Data Facility-East logo – Fort Belvoir – Wikipedia

Fort Belvoir is geographically under the Neptune MIDHEAVEN (76° West 56′) branch of the WIP. It is host to many US Defense and intelligence agencies. One, the Army Security Agency (ASA), which I served in (1973-1975), was converted to the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). No small operation, the INSCOM has a $6,000,000,000 annual budget. And it is obvious to me, that the creator of the Aerospace Data Facility-East saw some connection between the Orion symbol and the military.

When I was designing my book cover, I had long conversations with a California artist about the symbolism of the dots I was trying to connect. Her visionary way of seeing the world was reassuring and I went with the cover design we hashed out. I don’t know if the logo’s military designer, in 1977, saw a tie between Mars, as symbol, Orion and the Belvoir’s establishment. But astrologically, Gemini has everything to do with intelligence gathering agencies and Mars warfare.

The Orion Constellation is conspicuously placed in the Belvoir logo. It is next to a depiction of the Washington Monument, a symbol to the Pisces born, homage to Neptune-ruled George Washington. Amazingly, so too is my book cover Orion linked to an image of the Washington Monument, complete with flags too!

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