It Already Happened

February 10, 11:04 a.m., 2021

The reality seen in the US Astro*Carto*Graphy® (A*C*G) Map has already happened. Why? Because time flows as a continuum and can be measured out with great precision. This empowers astrologers to use it as a yardstick to great effect. Our understanding of what is measured, what the symbolism means, is a matter of guesswork, luck, mastery, best yet, skill. Astrologers spend decades recognizing, studying, and watching the play of correspondences to the planet symbols. This leads to mastery and skill. We can know what to expect. The face of 2022 can be anticipated by many. Some of us have a sophisticated understanding of trends and can render an informed opinion.

The epic 1st US Return of Pluto to 27° Capricorn 34′ is already a fact on the pages of the Ephemeris, a tool which is in place as a standard for the world. The US Return happens on February 22, 2022 and is sure to be meaningfully experienced in the US White House.

2022 Ephemeris | Cafe Astrology .com

If something defies experience and logic, should we embrace it or discard it?

So, what is known from experience and logic about the US Pluto reality and how far back in history can, should we go. Let’s define what we mean by Pluto. Pluto is the Roman ancient name of the more ancient Greek god Hades, master of the underworld realm. The name is linked (corresponded) to a necropolis, with its dead, a place of fear and hidden power, thermal hot springs. Hierapolis, an ancient Roman city in Turkey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a concrete expression of Pluto. It is seen in Hierapolis’s Pluto’s Gate (37°North 55’30″/29° East 07’33”), a ritual site, visually a bubbling hot springs landscape, where ritual deaths took place orchestrated by priests. But, also, importantly, Pluto’s Gate was also a place of healing, attracting people from Greece and Rome. It was a place of Earthquakes. Consider this:

Animals Entering Ancient Rome’s ‘Gate to Hell’ Killed by Gas, Not Gods

Ancient Romans believed it was the breath of Pluto that killed animals led into the cave, but science has since offered an explanation.

“While Zeus ruled the earth, and Poseidon the sea, Pluto governed the underworld and was solely responsible for who lived and died. And nowhere was this power more evident than in Hierapolis’ Ploutonion.”

Deadly Mystery Behind the Ancient ‘Gate to Hell’ Solved – HISTORY

Today, we see more clearly, the mysterious power that killed at Pluto’s Gate.

When the US came into existence, Pluto, in the sky for the entire world, synchronized powerful transformations in existing systems. Mercantilism, the economic system controlling the world, was addressed by Adam Smith in his Wealth of Nations. Rebelling against this system, the British Colonies in North America beat the drums of war. In 1776 kinetic war broke out. In the 13 colonies it was an existential struggle. Scotsman Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and the United States of America Republic were created under a sky, with the Pluto symbol at 27° Capricorn. The power of the economy and the nation are at issue. 2022 times the end of Pluto’s 1st complete circuit of both the US and Wealth of Nations horoscopes.

The 1st ever Pluto Return can synchronize mysterious life or death events in places where the US Astro*Carto*Graphy lines trace.

Because of historic and recent trends, as Pluto makes its slow 1st Return, I am most concerned about two of the Pluto lines, the Pluto MIDHEAVEN (MH/MC) and the Pluto DESCENDANT (DSC) lines.

The January 3, 2020 assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani lead to a accidental shootdown of an Ukrainian Passenger Airliner, on January 8, 2020, almost triggering war. The discontent is primed by decades of US sanctions against Iran. On that January 8th, 2020 date, a 5 planet stellium was applying to the US Pluto at 27° Capricorn 34′. Transiting Moon was in Gemini, approaching the US Mars placement (21° Gemini 22′), putting the 35° North Branch of the WIP in play.

America’s relationship with China is equally concerning. A trade war is raging between China and the US. A war of words has been the game for years, under the previous President. The Covid-19 pandemic made everything worst. The US Mercury (24° Cancer 14′ retrograde) opposes the US Pluto. The arguments, a correspondence of Mercury, have escalated in intensity, on every issue in dispute, as the Pluto Return approaches. It is now near full boil; one year out from the 2022 Return.

The US military has simultaneously committed tremendous shows of power around their Pluto lines in the Western Pacific and the Persian Gulf.



Pentagon launches new task force to examine China threat

“The announcement reflects a rare point of agreement between the Biden administration and that of his predecessor, which cemented the Pentagon’s shift in focus from the counterterrorism fights of the past decade to the Asia-Pacific under former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ 2018 National Defense Strategy. The Pentagon’s rhetoric against Beijing’s aggressive moves, particularly its military buildup in the South China Sea, sharpened significantly under Mattis and his successor, Mark Esper.

The Pentagon’s latest report on China sounded the alarm over Beijing’s rapid buildup of ballistic missiles, and estimated that the nation’s stockpile of nuclear warheads will at least double in size to more than 400 over the next decade.”

Pentagon launches new task force to examine China threat (

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