US Extraction From Afghanistan

February 20, 2:40 p.m., 2021

October 7,2021 the US and its NATO partners will have been engaged in kinetic warfare (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan for 20 years. This Afghanistan War has been America’s longest. Astrologically using the RR-C horoscope and Astro*Carto*Graphy Map for the US, a Uranus ASCENDANT line rubs through Afghanistan and immediate easterly neighbor Pakistan. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and the US walks a geopolitical tightrope through the entire region.

Before the US touched (aftermath of 9/11 in 2001) and became stuck on the Afghanistan Brer Rabbit Tar Baby: the Alexander of Macedonia (330 BC), the multiple British invasions – notably 1838-1842, the multiple USSR invasions – notably 1979, all experienced the trap.

The War Impulse Pattern (WIP) planets, Mars (21° Gemini 22′), Uranus (8° Gemini 55′) and Neptune (22° Virgo 25′) give fair warning, cautions, about the timing of US military activity in the region. Transits through the Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces should be researched for understanding of the trend lines and monitored. Also important barometers are transits in early Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Today there is a square between Saturn (7° Aquarius 35′) and Uranus (7° Taurus 20′) in the sky. Currently, today, the transiting Moon is at 15° Gemini, transiting Neptune is at 19° Pisces 57′.

Here is the news from yesterday and today. In

US, Pakistan generals discuss Biden’s potential Afghanistan withdrawal

“Senior US and Pakistani military officials spoke in Islamabad on Friday about the possibility of postponing the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, a move currently under review by US President Joe Biden’s administration.”

US, Pakistan generals discuss Biden’s potential Afghanistan withdrawal (

With transiting Moon nearing 25 Gemini this from on September 21st, 2021:

The LA Times

McManus: How to end a very long war

“Now he faces a decision: Should he withdraw most or all of the troops, as candidate Biden said he wanted, at the risk of seeing Afghanistan descend into a bloodbath?

Should he keep the 2,500 troops in place and announce that they will leave as soon peace negotiations are on track, but not before?

Or, as some former officials argue, should Biden send more troops until a final peace settlement is reached — a potential recipe for an open-ended stay?

It’s tempting for war-weary Americans to look at Afghanistan and say: We lost more than 2,400 troops, we spent more than $2 trillion, and we failed; it’s time to walk away.”

McManus: How to end a very long war (


Rockets hit Iraq military airbase hosting US contractors

“At least four rockets struck an Iraqi airbase on Saturday night, the Iraqi military said in a statement, while other officials said one person was wounded at the base where a United States defence company services combat aircraft.

The wounded individual worked for the US company, the Associated Press news agency reported, citing four officials who spoke on condition of anonymity. No group immediately claimed the attack on Balad airbase [33 NORTH 56′] in Salah al-Din province.”

Rockets hit Iraq military airbase hosting US contractors | Middle East News | Al Jazeera


Sullivan says Biden ready for talks with Iran over nuclear program

“In an interview with “Face the Nation,” Sullivan called the detention of Americans in Iran a “complete and utter outrage” and “humanitarian catastrophe,” and said the release of those hostages will be a top priority for the Biden administration.”

“On Thursday, the Biden administration took a significant step toward restoring the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which former President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from in 2018. Unlike his predecessor, Mr. Biden vowed during the presidential campaign to rejoin the agreement, which aims to limit Iran’s nuclear program.”

Sullivan says Biden ready for talks with Iran over nuclear program (

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